"Grease is cheaper than steel"

As most of us are aware, maintenance is very important to the longevity of your vehicle. Normal maintenance as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer will go a long way towards making your car last longer, but you can do things to increase the reliability and mileage on your vehicle even more.

Under normal operation, heat and chemical reactions that are present in the different mechanical systems of the vehicle, contribute to the degradation of the fluids in these systems resulting in accelerated wear and corrosion. By increasing the frequency of changing these fluids and adding particular additive packages this corrosion and wear can be significantly reduced.

Under severe conditions, like short trip driving, stop and go driving, and towing this becomes even more important!

Here at Precision Import Service we have, over the years, tried many different products. Some work better and some "not so well". For quite some time we have been primarily using Castrol oil because their products meet or exceed manufacturers standards in all but a few makes and are actually specified for use in some of the vehicles that have the most stringent standards. And for additives we favor BG Products

We can take care of all of your regular scheduled maintenance on any import or domestic car, light truck, or mini-van. If you have any questions or would like to know what should be done to your vehicle at a specific mileage interval, contact us by phone at 703-698-0888, or by email at precisionimport@yahoo.com We will be glad to look it up for you on our web based information system.

Even if your vehicle is perfectly maintained, it is likely that eventually something will go wrong. We have a crew of very experienced technicians that are capable of efficiently diagnosing and repairing most anything that your vehicle can throw at us. With over 90 years of combined experience we have seen a lot and we can use this to help our effort to find out what's wrong and get you going again.

Some of the services we recommend above and beyond the required maintenance are:

Brake Fluid Flush

If you ask the average motorist how frequently they should have their brake fluid flushed you are likely to see some sort of unusual expression. The reason for this is that very few people have been told that this should be a part of their regular maintenance.

Brake fluid is known to be a hygroscopic fluid, which means that it absorbs water from it's surroundings. As the brake fluid absorbs more water it's boiling point goes down increasing the risk that the fluid can boil under hard braking resulting in dimished braking efficiency. Add to this that the fluid also gradually becomes oxidized creating deposits and corrosion that can damage expensive brake components It should become quite apparent that not changing the fluid periodically is asking for trouble.

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Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic transmision fluid (ATF) could be the most abused fluid in your vehicle. It suffers from extreme heat created by friction, very high pressures, and tremendous shear forces.

By itself the heat can break down the fluid causing it to oxidize and loose critical additives that are supposed to prevent seals from hardening and allowing the fluid to act as a lubricant to the gears. Add to this the incredible pressures as the fluid lubricates the gears and it is amazing that it survives for any length of time at all. Besides the fact that the fluid looses it's ability to lubricate and protect seals, oxidized fluid is also responsible for creating varnish deposits that foul up the operation of valves in the transmission that control hydraulic operation.

Flushing the ATF gets out all of that "beat up" fluid and replaces it with a fresh batch. Then we also add a can of BG ATC plus that contains additives which help to make the fluid, and your transmission, last longer.

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Power Steering Flush

The power steering is another one of those systems that are commonly overlooked until a problem arises. Then you may end up having someone replace a costly component that could have had it's life extended by periodically flushing the power steering fluid.

Some of the same conditions that are present in the automatic transmission are also present in the power steering system. The pump that creates pressure places extreme pressures and shear forces on the fluid that create a lot of heat, and over time this heat breaks down the fluid causing it to lose it's ability to lubricate and keep the seals pliable enough to do their job. This break down also includes oxidation that causes varnish deposits that can affect the operation of valves in the power steering sytem. Once again, this can be prevented by flushing the power steering fluid. Here at Precision Import Service we use BG Power Clean which replaces the factory power steering fluid and meets the requirements of domestic and most import manufacturers.

Talk to us about specific applications, because we can still flush the power steering system on the limited number of vehicles that the BG Power Clean won't work for by using the appropriate fluid specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

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Fuel System Care

The fuel system usually gets top billing when it comes to additives and the like. And it is likely that if you tune in to the television or radio any time there is some sport show or other "man" program, you are probably going to see an advertisement for this or that additive that will make your fuel system "like new". Well there is good reason for this.

The fuel system and intake tract as well as the valves and combustion chamber are particularly susceptible to dirt and deposits. In order for a modern fuel injected engine to run most efficiently it is necessary for the fuel to be properly "atomized". When injectors get dirty, instead of spraying a fine mist that can propely mix with the incoming air charge they will squirt a stream that does not burn efficiently. Also carbon deposits on the valves act like a sponge and soak up fuel that is supposed to mix with the air, and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber raise the octane requirement causing damaging detonation.

Most of the "over the counter" additives that can be purchased will do little to clean everything up. One product that works very well is BG 44K This product is the closest thing we have found to a "silver bullet" in regards to fuel system related deposits. But sometimes it is necessary to go one step further.

The Snap-On Fuel Kare system is similar to other professional equipment that connects to the fuel system to supply a highly concentrated dose of cleaners to break up and disperse the most stubborn deposits. Vehicles that have gone many miles without any additives that have accumulated heavy deposits that don't respond well to fuel additives alone can benefit from this type of treatment. Usually after a cleaning of this nature drivers report significant improvements in cold startability, idle quality, fuel efficiency and general drivabilty. While performing this service we also test fuel system pressure, delivery volume, and system leak down, so that other problems are evident and we can address those to make sure your whole fuel system performs like it is supposed to.

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Cooling System Flush

Coolant is not generally subject to the harsh treatment that other fluids are, but has it's own set of problems. The longer coolant is in your engine the longer it has to undergo chemical changes as a result of electrolysis. The different metals in your engine and cooling system act as electrodes and do bad things to your coolant. These chemical changes lower the PH of your coolant, gradually causing it to become corrosive. High quality coolants and additives can do a lot to slow this process down, but ultimately, without proper care, the situation can get ugly.

During regular maintenance the coolant is "changed" at particular intervals specified by the manufacturer. Generally this involves opening a valve on the radiator and draining what comes out then filling the system back up. In the automotive business this is what is known as a drain and refill. Depending on the configuration of your particular vehicle and it's cooling system you may be able to drain anywhere from about 30% to 90% of the coolant. So in other words there is somewhere between 10% and 70% of the old coolant that is still there.

In order to more thoroughly change the coolant is is necessary to do a flush. To do this we connect a machine to your cooling system that uses a pump to push new coolant in and force out virtually all of the old coolant. This is what we have found to be the best way to really change the coolant.

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